Marston Boutique In Downtown Abacoa Is All About Appealing To Every Age And Budget


Joining new development in Downtown Abacoa is Marston Boutique, a chic clothing store for women of every age and budget.

Katrina Aronson, the owner of Downtown Abacoa’s new Marston Boutique, takes fashion advice from a 4-year-old. The child with clout is her daughter, who often assists in the buying process by providing Aronson with feedback. “She likes detail,” Aronson says, pulling a tank from the age 0 to 5 section tucked in the store’s back corner. It’s a cute pink top, but when Aronson flips it over there’s a bow pinching the two straps. It’s the sort of touch that wins her daughter’s approval.

Children’s clothing wasn’t originally part of the plan. But it could also be said that opening a boutique wasn’t part of the original plan, either. Aronson, a Miami native, got her finance degree from the University of Florida and worked in New York City for many years before quitting to pursue retail. After learning the industry at a boutique in the city, she decided to return to Florida with her family two years ago. Marston Boutique, which joins a wave of new development in Downtown Abacoa, celebrated its official grand opening in February.

Racks stretching the walls inside Marston Boutique are shop-able for all incomes and ages. This happened with some intent and some luck. The intent was to open a high-low store where women with every budget could shop. And that doesn’t mean those willing to splurge can find a $400 purse while those with $40 in their pocket can only walk out with a set of coasters. Aronson explains this concept in the front of the store where jeans are neatly folded on a display table—one pair is the brand Mother, which is a splurge, while a pair in the next pile over is the brand Blank, and can be purchased for maybe half the price.

In addition to a broad price range, Marston’s items appeal to shoppers of all ages. Initially, Aronson assumed her shoppers would be similar to her—young moms in need of a put-together look they could assemble in a hurry. “My favorite outfit is a really nice tee, nice jeans and a cool necklace,” she says. So in addition to silk and cashmere tops, jeans, and jewelry that Aronson designs herself, the shop also boasts a back wall with baby and toddler clothing, and stylishly discreet diaper bags. However, Aronson has found shoppers of all ages browsing and buying. “I’ve had high school [students] to snowbirds,” she says.

The shop opens at 11 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays, and on Fridays from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Aronson hosts a “Sip + Shop” with complimentary prosecco.

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