Meet UFC Professional Fighter Gillian “The Savage” Robertson


Born in Canada, Gillian Robertson relocated to South Florida with her parents at the age of 7. Robertson discovered cardio-kickboxing at age 16 and immediately fell in love with combat sports. After compiling an impressive amateur record of 9-1 under the tutelage of world-renowned MMA coach Din Thomas, Robertson decided to put her dream of a veterinary career on hold to become a professional MMA fighter. Making her UFC debut in December 2017, Robertson competed on the reality TV series “The Ultimate Fighter 26.” She has fought on UFC fight cards around the world including in Las Vegas, Liverpool, São Paolo, Prague and Edmonton. A competitive grappler and animal activist, Robertson and her beloved canine companion Robin currently reside in Margate.

WHO: UFC professional fighter Gillian “The Savage” Robertson

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When I first told my family I was going to become a professional fighter they: argued with me a lot. They couldn’t understand why their daughter, who just graduated high school with a 4.2 GPA and an associates degree with aspirations of becoming a veterinarian, wanted to drop out of college to pursue a dream of getting punched in the face for a living.

If I wasn’t traveling the world fighting for a living, I’d be: somewhere working with animals. I started volunteering with the Humane Society when I was 7. I volunteered with an equine rescue and a wildlife rescue, too. When I was little I wasn’t very good or even interested in sports like soccer. I would just sit in the middle of the soccer field and pick flowers.

I may be one of the toughest women on the planet inside of the cage, but people might be surprised to know that I’m especially sensitive when it comes to: my 12-year-old pit bull Robin. I adopted him when he was around 5 years old. He had a brother named Batman who was adopted first. Robin had been there for over a year, so I decided I had to give him a home. That’s too long for any dog to be jailed in a cage. He instantly became my shadow, and now he’s my best friend.

In an era in which women’s sports have achieved unprecedented coverage, respect and revenue, I want everyone to know that: this is just the beginning for women in this sport. It’s been crazy to see the evolution and just how fast it has grown. Unlike with other sports, in the UFC there is no “LUFC” or “WUFC.” We’re getting the same opportunities that the men are. (Former fighter) Ronda Rousey was actually getting paid more than any of the guys were.


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