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Courtesy of PodPopuli
Courtesy of PodPopuli

According to Brian Howie, everyone has something to say. The creator of PodPopuli, a podcast production company that opened its sixth U.S. location in Downtown Palm Beach Gardens in June, helps turn people into podcasters every day. “Have you ever had a conversation that you enjoyed?” asks Howie. “Then you should be a podcaster.” 

Howie launched his first podcast, The Great Love Debate Podcast with Brian Howie, in 2015, and the show is now the number one dating and relationship podcast in the world. Since then, PodPopuli podcasts have been distributed in 67 countries across platforms like Spotify, iHeart Radio, Apple, and YouTube. The company produces 250 shows a week, and its podcasters come from all walks of life. Its youngest podcaster is Ayla Taplinger, a 10-year-old from Boca Raton who interviews people living in other countries for her
podcast, Around the World. 

“My stepmom signed me up for a podcasting class, and I fell in love with the idea of making my own,” says Taplinger. “I recommend it if you enjoy talking to others and the idea of having listeners from all over the world excites you.” 

PodPopuli’s team of experts guide beginners through all aspects of creating a successful podcast, from choosing the right title and music, to determining the intended audience, to deciding on content and guests. “A good podcast is the intersection of passion and curiosity,” says Howie. PodPopuli podcasters pay a monthly membership fee of $495 for production and distribution. 

The podcast world offers something for virtually everyone, from bacon enthusiasts to school bus drivers, but Howie says the opportunities for new shows are endless. “I’d love to see a ‘flight attendant confidential’ podcast,” he says with a chuckle. Got a podcast idea? Book a free consultation at podpopuli.com.

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