Pumphouse Coffee Roasters Brings Specialty Roasted Coffee to Jupiter


When Alex Le Clainche was a young boy growing up, his father took him and his brother Christian deep into the Blue Mountains of Jamaica to visit their grandfather’s coffee plantation. 

As years passed and he grew up, Alex went on to attend college and pursue a career as a licensed yacht captain, an industry he worked in for several years. However, in his late 20s, he reached a point where he began searching for a way to reconnect with his Jamaican heritage. 

The seemingly obvious answer? Coffee. 

When Le Clainche decided to pursue a land-based business, he stumbled upon the coffee craft industry and became fascinated with the concept of providing quality coffee, roasted in small batches in order to create a whole new taste experience for coffee consumers. To accomplish this, he enrolled in a roasting program to learn the foundational principles of coffee roasting. 

That knowledge is what Le Clainche continues to build upon today in his business, Pumphouse Coffee Roasters. Along with his brother and business partner, Christian, Le Clainche provides the Jupiter area and various wholesale partners with specialty, exceptional roasted coffee. 

“In our approach to roasting specialty coffee, the marriage between quality and taste is paramount,” Le Clainche says. “It is critical to us that our customers are served a quality cup of coffee with a high degree of consistency.”

Pumphouse Coffee Roasters prides itself on working with the most respected green coffee importers in the industry in order to acquire the best coffee beans. (Green coffee is simply the coffee beans before they are roasted.) Then, they receive samples from those importers, grade each sample and roast it—only if it passes.

What passes makes it way to the cupping table, where the coffee is measured for the fragrance (dry smell), the aroma (wet smell), flavor, acidity, body, aftertaste, balance and other properties. Finally, the coffee is graded and assigned a numerical value on a scale from 80 to 100. 

“We tend to work within the 84 to 92 point range,” Le Clainche explains. “On average, we invest ten hours of labor in grading, assessing and profiling a specific coffee before we bring it to market.”  

This attention to detail is what makes Pumphouse Coffee stand out. For the Le Clainche brothers, the bottom line is great coffee doesn’t just happen. They believe there is a lifetime of learning associated with the craft and are passionately committed to educating the South Florida community about specialty coffee, whether through their wholesale partnerships or the local community they serve. 

“While we pride ourselves in making great coffee, the ability to share it with others has always been the goal.”

1095 Jupiter Park Drive Ste. 4, Jupiter; 561.379.9562; pumphousecoffeeroasters.com 

Photos courtesy of Pumphouse Coffee Roasters

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