Start-ups making a green difference

In honor of Earth Day, we look at how three local companies are making the environment a priority.

Renewed Waters

Based in Palm City;

Mission: Renewed Waters aims to help those in need get clean drinking and bathing water. Allen Korson founded the company after contracting an intestinal parasite from supposedly “clean” water while in Haiti. Now, the company helps children and those in need in countries like Haiti, Mexico and Nigeria have access to clean water.

Green advice: Get out of your comfort zone and have the perseverance to stick it out, Korson says.


Based in West Palm Beach;

Mission: RunBrook’s tagline is to “move innovation forward.” Matt Zirkelbach, who founded the company in 2009, says the company works with developers, property owners, corporations and governments to find ways that green technology and best management practices can improve their bottom line.

Green advice: Green improvements should always make business sense, Zirkelbach says. “If it’s not helping your business succeed, it’s not something your business should be pursuing,” he says.


Based in Sunrise;

Mission: DocuGreen aims to be the Earth’s friendliest and most innovative information protection company, Founder Victor Lue-Yat says. Tired of the headaches associated with storing paper documents in boxes and warehouses, Lue-Yat came up with a solution to digitize paper records for companies. The company also launched a paper shredding and recycling service, as well as an online backup, cloud-computing service.

Green advice: Weigh the value of the green changes against the cost savings, efficiency and environmental improvements, Lue-Yat says.

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