Being Green Is Easy

Follow these five tips from the Broward County Parks and Recreation Department for an eco-friendly yard.

1. Remove invasive plants (like air potatoes) from your yard. “If one person cleans up their yard, it can help reduce the spread into neighbors’ yards,” says Cyndy Baker, manager with the Broward County Parks and Recreation Department.

2. Plant drought-tolerant plants to help promote water efficiency and lower your water bills. Visit to find Florida-friendly plants for your yard.

3. Buy a rain catcher to conserve water that can be used to irrigate your lawn or wash your car.

4. Wash your car on the lawn, not on the driveway. “The lawn acts as a filter to prevent chemicals and polluted water from getting into the waterways,” Baker says.

5. Use mulch to protect against soil erosion. Compost yard waste (grass clippings and leaves) to return nutrients to your lawn.

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