The Leader of The Art of Facelifts


Organization : Athena Plastic Surgery & Medspa

Name : Dr. Avron Lipschitz

Dr. Avron Lipschitz has an insatiable interest in the three key elements of plastic surgery: art, science and care. His lifelong love affair with facial rejuvenation began at the University of Cape Town, where he earned his medical degree. He trained in multiple disciplines throughout South Africa, in England and around the world, refining his skills along the way. In the United States, he accepted fellowships at Johns Hopkins University, the University of Maryland Medical Center, New York University and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. His business, Athena Plastic Surgery and Medspa, specializes in cosmetic procedures of the face. “Facial rejuvenation is my passion,” he says. “Many patients come to me saying they do not recognize the person in the mirror, or the mirror does not reflect the patient’s true identity. The amazing part of plastic surgery is that a patient’s sense of self is transformed.” He decided to locate in the Palm Beaches because its residents are aesthetically minded. “In South Florida, everyone is a potential candidate for plastic surgery,” he says. “We take care of everyone from soccer moms to CEOs to retirees. The demand is high.” Athena Plastic Surgery and Medspa offers a onestop- shop of everything from the popular HydraFacial to results-oriented facelifts.

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