Weathering the storm

Get ahead of hurricane season with these tips to 
hurricane-proof your home from Dean Mitchell 
Restoration, a leading restoration, remediation and 
reconstruction company in South Florida. Hurricane 
season runs now through Nov. 30.

Prepping your home:

1Check your garage door. Garages are a major weak point for most homeowners when a severe storm hits. Get an expert assessment on the strength of your garage door now and take necessary steps to reinforce the door if needed. Also, have a plan for rising waters under the door.

2 Caulk windows, doors and other cracks in the foundation of your home. Water can begin to seep through even the smallest crack and will cause vulnerability in your foundation. This can cause flooding in your home and can cause more damage than would have likely occurred if these cracks were sealed properly. Note: Wind does more damage than flooding. If you lose a window during the storm, that could be the difference between minor and significant damage to your home.

3Do a “run through” with your generator and your shutters now. This will ensure that the generator has plenty of oil and works when you need it most. It will also ensure you have all necessary equipment in good order for putting up your shutters. If you plan on using plywood, make sure you measure your windows and know how much wood you’ll need, and make sure you have the proper screws for installation.

4Get your roof checked. Find out if your roof has 
any missing tiles, shakes or other weaknesses. 
Repair if necessary.

5Be sure to go over warranties and review insurance 
information with your agent. No policies can be changed once a storm has been named – you’ll want to make sure your property is covered. It’s best to know 
what is covered beforehand.

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