Fashion Meets Fitness

Fashion designer Rebecca Taylor shares some of her favorite things.

How she stays fit

“I try to find new and interesting ways to stay in shape so it doesn’t feel like work. I took up swing dancing last fall, which was so fun.”

Her favorite part of South Florida

“Most of the time, when I come to South Florida, it’s for a store appearance. So one of my favorite parts is definitely meeting the local customer and seeing what she’s wearing.”

How to stay chic in the South Florida heat

“Light fabrics and colors! … We did a lot of white and cotton voile for the spring and summer collections; it’s just easy and cool, whether it be a sundress, a top, a skirt.”

Favorite South Florida shop

“The Webster [a luxury boutique in Miami]. Just an amazing edit, and the shop itself is beautiful.”

Why she supports Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation

“Triple negative is a really aggressive, but not very widely known form of breast cancer, and common breast cancer treatments are usually ineffective. When I heard about the cause, I felt compelled to get involved.”

How she stays healthy with her busy schedule

“During particularly busy times, like fashion week, it helps to have healthy snacks around the office to nibble on during the day so it keeps the energy up.”

What inspires her to blog

“My blog is a way for me to give people a look into my inspiration, my interests, whether it be music, art, film. It’s a way for them to get to know me in a more personal way and get some behind-the-scenes sneak peeks of what goes on in our showroom.”

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