Finding Balance at Tula Yoga School

Discover the practice—and power—of Tula inside this new Jupiter yoga studio

Jessica Coyne and Jessica La Paglia, founders of Tula Yoga School, in Abacoa, photo by Steven Martine
Photo by Steven Martine

Friends Jessica Coyne and Jessica La Paglia never imagined opening a brick-and-mortar yoga studio—until the pandemic hit. The two first met several years ago at Coyne’s weekly yoga classes around town and immediately hit it off. A practicing student, La Paglia decided to sign up for Coyne’s teacher training program and eventually developed her own style. “We felt like we’d known each other our whole lives,” says Coyne, reflecting on their instant friendship. They planned a yoga retreat together in Costa Rica and discovered their shared passion for travel and “desire to provide unique training experiences all over the world,” according to Coyne.  

Teaching alongside each other came naturally, and they made a plan to become a traveling yoga studio; they even had gigs set up in three different states. But when the pandemic hit, things changed. They started offering online and outdoor classes locally instead.

This past March, they opened their studio, Tula Yoga School, in Abacoa. As the name suggests, it focuses on the style of Tulaā, which means “balance” in Sanskrit. “Balance is one of the intentions that we’d like to bring forth in all of our teachings,” says La Paglia. “Balance in body, in mind, and in spirit. Our humble space at Tulaā is a place where people can come and learn something new every time they walk in the door.” Their mission, she says, is to undo the preconceived notion of what yoga should look like and instead introduce how it should feel. They teach an array of beginner to advanced classes, such as Tula Fundamentals, Tula Flow, and Tula Fierce. 

This month, they plan to host ongoing educational workshops. In the fall, they say they will delve into offering yoga retreats in places like Costa Rica and Tuscany (paired with wine tasting). 

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