Florida Really Likes Its Conch Fritters, According To A State-by-State Guide To America’s Most Popular Tastes


If you’re the type of person whose vacation plans revolve around eating good food, you’ll probably find this handy. 

Location-sharing app Foursquare analyzed data from its menus, tips and ratings in each state to learn the types of food that were most disproportionately popular in those locations. Team members then worked with the folks at Mapbox to create a map that shows the most popular food by state—along with the 50 best places to find it. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, conch fritters were all the rage in Florida, where they were mentioned 3,870 percent more than in any other state. The companies listed Guanabanas in Jupiter, as well as the Rustic Inn Seafood Crabhouse in Fort Lauderdale, among the top establishments serving up the fried shellfish. (Guanabanas no longer sells the dish.)

What were the top items elsewhere? Well, there’s chicken fried steak in Oklahoma, pepperoni rolls in West Virginia, Chinese chicken salad in California and, of course, bottle service in Nevada. And if you’re following any New York-based bloggers on Instagram, it’ll come as absolutely no shock to you that everyone’s talking about avocado toast in the Empire State. 

Doing some traveling this summer? Be sure to try some fried ravioli in Missouri and a Juicy Lucy burger in Minnesota. We speak from experience; they won’t disappoint. 

Explore the map, below:

This story has been updated to say that Guanabanas no longer sells conch fritters.

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