Gearing up with Gadgets

Fitness gadgets are dominating the athletic scene with microfiber fabrics and Bluetooth technologies. Whether the plan is to stay local or take an adventurous trip, these six fitness gadgets will keep you active all summer long.

Zoinx Sunglasses

To save you from worrying about misplacing sunglasses while having a good time, Zoinx sunglasses come with a sport strap, zipper pouch, flotation insert and waterproof emergency info card. They’re also entirely customizable and feature TAC Polarized lenses to reduce glare and reflection ($119; Available at

HYDRIVE Energy Water

This low-calorie, non-carbonated beverage enhances energy levels, and is packed with essential vitamins and caffeine, which can be used as an alternative to a standard 8-ounce cup of coffee (Available at


Enhance your golf game using the SensoGlove – the first and only golf glove that comes complete with a built-in digital computer that monitors grip and offers ways to correct a swing to enhance distance and precision ($89; Available at

Connected Cycle Smart Pedal

Bike enthusiasts rejoice for the newest innovation in biking: Connected Cycle’s Smart Pedal, which turns any bike into a “smart bike.” The pedal records the speed, route, incline and calories burnt during every bike trip (Available at


Burn the maximum amount of calories in the shortest amount of time using the Crossrope, which provides users a high intensity workout combining cardio and strength training ($10; Available at

Limited Edition Manduka PRO

Unmatched in comfort and cushioning compared with other yoga mats, the Manduka PRO is luxuriously thin with padding to ensure yogi’s the utmost tranquility. It’s also backed by a lifetime guarantee, 100 percent latex free and engineered with high-quality materials that won’t peel, flake or fade ($124; Available at

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