Glitzy Girl Is Harbourside Place’s Newest Destination For Statement Jewelry Finds


Janet Kysia sits on one of two silver, romantic chairs in her storefront, adjusting a black, chunky necklace on her collarbone and explaining that customers have asked if the furniture pieces are for sale—they’re not. But, the three extraordinary chandeliers hanging above the cash register, showroom and corner window at Harbourside Place’s newest boutique, Glitzy Girl, are up for grabs. Kysia, the store founder and owner, hasn’t had any takers just yet, but the store only opened this spring.

At a glance

Everything in the specialty store directly across from the Wyndham Grand Jupiter sparkles—from the Swarovski Crystal chandeliers to the granite, silver and black countertops to the Italian tile floors. Between tall arches and elegant columns, mirrored shelves hold over-the-top necklaces, bracelets, hats and purses. But as Kysia insists, her inventory shouldn’t be interpreted as gaudy. Instead, the shop should be regarded as a destination for statement pieces.

The ‘Glitzy Girl’

“Be noticed, be a Glitzy Girl.” The store window wears this company slogan; Kysia gives it a read aloud, then to further explain what it means, she grabs a thick belt with a decorative metal loop and places it around my bland pencil skirt. This immediately changes my ensemble’s otherwise underwhelming demeanor. A glitzy girl is a woman who isn’t afraid to stand out in a crowd, Kysia says.

Uncommon finds

For easy navigation, the store displays are organized by color. The most striking items come from designer Mary Frances, whose beaded bags not only work as displayable artwork, but also as fully functional purses. They come in elaborate designs, like one that’s shaped like a lion’s face with beaded fringe hanging from the chin to illustrate his mane. More casual Jilzarah clay beaded pieces and Betsy Johnson clutches line the center tables. The store also prides itself as one of few companies authorized to sell Brighton purses, eyewear, umbrellas and other accessories. In glass cases below the cash register, shoppers find designers like Anthony Alexander, Andrew Hamilton and Connie Bennett. While each brand embodies an organic style, one similarity holds true—for the most part, they all shimmer.

Price tags

At Glitzy Girl, a pair of earrings could cost $15, or they could cost $175. Kysia’s store offers everyday wear and occasion pieces alike, so there’s something for everyone at every price range. “You don’t need to buy a $1,000 piece to be special—just the right piece,” Kysia says.

Glitzy Girl Boutique, Harbourside Place, 115 Soundings Ave., Jupiter / 561.745.7445 /

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