Jové Kitchen & Bar At The Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach Puts Modern Twist On Traditional Italian

The new culinary experience allows diners to grow close with friends and family over food just as the Italians would like it.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but The Four Seasons Resort has reinvented its dining experience with Jové Kitchen & Bar. With new chef Tory Martindale, the 20-year-old resort now offers a modern dining experience centered on fresh, Italian cooking with traditional elements and modern twists.

Something for everyone

Jové opened with the goal to move away from the traditional, formal dining experience and into something more relaxed. The modern, sun-shaped chandeliers and the olive-toned furniture along with the dark wood accents make for a carefree ambience. Near the bar, a lounge area with plush sofas and chairs offers groups of friends and families an area to come together around small plates and cocktails. Martindale also plans to include more options for family-style dining, so that the restaurant is suitable for any and all guests staying at The Four Seasons.

Turning over a new leaf

Everything at Jové is fresh—the bartenders have their own herb garden and squeeze all of their juices, and Martindale visits all of the farms where he sources his ingredients to ensure the best quality. Martindale also is reviving the chef’s garden, which sat untouched for years, in order to incorporate fresh exotic fruits, like mangos and sugar apples, into sauces, desserts and other dishes. Garnishes will include fresh garlic chives and parsley grown footsteps from the kitchen.

A good start

For appetizers and small plates, Martindale recommends any of the cheese and meat options. Jové has a charcuterie station in the dining room so guests can see exactly how fresh their meal is. He also recommends any of the olive oil selections with herb bread, and the octopus, which is served with fennel, red pepper sauce, olives, artichokes and fennel gel.

The main attraction

For entrees, the chef suggests trying the pizzas and pasta dishes, especially the saffron risotto. Jové has a pasta extruder, which is a hand-operated machine used to make fresh, short pastas. He’s training his staff to make all of the sauces à la minute, meaning fresh for each dish. He also plans to incorporate seasonal elements into his meals, like fresh truffle shaved on pasta dishes or fresh scallops during scallop season.

Indulge a little

As for desserts, “They’re works of art,” Martindale says. The dessert menu highlights Italian classics like tiramisu and gelato with floral and fruity notes in some dishes. At press time, the bar’s drink menu was being revamped, but with more than 100 wines currently available by the bottle, it’s sure to impress.

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