Local Luxury: Luka Cosmetics


Based in:

Palm Beach Gardens

What it is:

Katherine MacDonald, who suffered from acne, struggled to find cosmetics that weren’t full of synthetic, unsafe or irritating ingredients that would aggravate her skin. After three years of research and development, she created her own mineral-based natural cosmetics line that’s free of parabens, talc, artificial dyes or fragrances and other synthetic ingredients. She launched the line in 2008 out of her home.

Why we’re obsessed:

The lightweight, natural products provide full coverage without feeling cakey or heavy. And, the products hold their pigment and create a high-definition look. “We didn’t sacrifice any pigments, coverage or staying power,” MacDonald says.


Start with the Blank Canvas Luka Rejuvenating Face Primer that preps and moisturizes skin for a smooth application and long-lasting glow that fills fine lines and wrinkles. Even without makeup, the primer makes skin glow. The Velvet Perfector Cream-to-Powder Foundation provides coverage, hydration and brightness. To make brows pop, try the Arch & Angle Brow Tint that sets brows in place and emphasizes their natural arch.

Price range:

$20 to $50

Where to FIND it:

Luka Cosmetics Make-Up and Lash Bar in Palm Beach Gardens or lukacosmetics.com.

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