Meet 6 Of Palm Beach County’s Most Eligible Singles

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1. Chelsea Viau, 29

Owner of Chelsea Lane & Co.


Hey, you look like… Tinsley Mortimer. What’s your sign? I am a Pisces, which is a water sign. Being in or by the water is my happy place. What are you drinking tonight? My go-to would be a gin and tonic, and a glass of Chianti. Do you play well with others? I am the baby of three brothers and a sister, which means I was picked on growing up, so I have tough skin. Do you have plans this weekend? I typically spend my weekends on the water or cruising around in the Jeep with my top off (the Jeep top). What’s your type? A hardworking man who can make me laugh and have fun. If someone doesn’t have a desire to grow and learn and try new things then they aren’t the someone for me.

2. Ryan Beckett, 36

Founder of BitRealty and Real Trade, former contestant on ABC’s “The Bachelorette”

Hey, you look like… Matt Bomer or “that guy that got no camera time on ‘The Bachelorette.’” What are you drinking tonight? Mezcal rocks, muddled jalapeño, lime, salt rim. What’s your sign? Leo. I’m not into astrology, but I love the lion and the loyalty attribute. Do you have plans this weekend? Studying for school and maybe sailing. Where should we grab dinner? Darbster, the best vegetarian restaurant in Palm Beach. What’s your type? Someone who understands the goal in every relationship is to make the partner better—one plus one should always equal three in that context.

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3. Bettina Anderson, 32

Personal trainer

Hey, you look like… Heidi Klum. What are you drinking tonight? Tequila. Always tequila. Don Julio Anejo on the rocks, please! Do you play well with others? Being one of six children I have definitely learned to play well with others. I’m the second youngest—I have a twin sister who’s four minutes younger than I am. Any plans this weekend? Fun dinners and family time. I have two little nephews who are the light of my life, so I try to spend as much time with them before they don’t think I’m cool anymore. Dinner recommendations? I would eat sushi every night if I could, so definitely Imoto.

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4. Sam Kerrigan, 28

Traffic Anchor at CBS12 News in West Palm Beach

Hey, you look like… Reese Witherspoon. What are you drinking tonight? Tito’s and soda with a lime. I’m ready to have a good time! And I rhyme. Do you have plans this weekend? I always make time for my family and friends on the weekends. Friday night you’ll find me at a local happy hour spot or lounging on the couch, catching up on all my shows. And Saturday night you’ll find me out dancing with my girlfriends. I like to end my weekend with a nice workout to clear my head. Where should we grab dinner? El Camino in Delray Beach. Mexican food, please! What’s your type? Someone who is tall, smart, spontaneous and can make me laugh. He values family and knows what he wants out of life [with a] good job and can put up with my crazy schedule (I go to work at 3 a.m.). If he has a cat it’s a deal breaker —I’m very allergic.

5. Tyler Mauldin, 29

Spokesperson for Florida Power & Light Company,

Hey, you look like… Ryan Seacrest. Do you play well with others? I have an older brother by about 10 years. I also have two nephews and nieces, plus a ton of cousins. I come from a big family. So, yeah, I’d say I play well with others. What are you drinking tonight? My drink of choice is an Old-Fashioned. If that’s not available, just toss me a beer. Let’s go on a spontaneous adventure. Where to? Let’s go storm chasing! I’m a weather geek, so there is nothing more awesome and mesmerizing than seeing a tornado or severe storm move through. Scared? I promise you’re in good hands. What’s your type? The ideal person for me is someone that is down-to-earth and feels like home. (I’m from a small town in north Georgia.) She’d be intelligent, and be a person of high character and values. She would put family No. 1. She would be able to roll up her sleeves and be outdoorsy with me, but be able to turn around and dress it up for an eloquent evening.

6. Josh Cohen

Radio show host of “Josh Cohen & The HomeTeam” on ESPN 106.3FM and worldwide on the ESPN app

Hey, you look like… action movie star Jason Statham. What’s your sign? I’m a Capricorn; born on Dec. 30, the same day as Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Sandy Koufax, and my friend golfer Michelle McGann and country music star Brooke Eden. All of them have achieved remarkable levels of success and greatness in their chosen fields of endeavor, and I’m just the kid who never got cupcakes at school or had a birthday party because it was during Christmas break. Do you play well with others? I’m the youngest of three kids; the only boy and “baby brother” to my two older sisters—all of us raised by a single-parent father, the best man I ever knew, who did the best he could, all things considered, before his passing from cancer on his own 46th birthday. Let’s go on a spontaneous adventure. Where to? Spontaneous adventures are my favorite. You may be asked to pack a bag that will cover you for the next 24 to 36 hours for an adventure that begins in four hours. I’m a big fan of staycations, what I call “daycations,” and just living in, and for, the now.

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