The Leader of Wealth Management


Organization : Optimist Capital

Name : Alexander Cooke

As a Registered Investment Adviser, Alexander Cooke is in a rare group. Out of the more than 300,000 licensed financial advisers in the United States, fewer than two percent are solely investment advisers. The remaining 98-plus percent are brokers or dual-registered financial advisers. “One of the most challenging parts of our business is clarifying the substantial difference and how it affects their investments,” the managing director of Optimist Capital says. “Managing investments for others is a full-time job that requires research, time, energy and focus. I have seen a lot of professionals from other fields tacking on wealth-manager titles; you are either great at one thing or mediocre at a many.” He is passionate about his work and the opportunity to educate those who entrust him with their funds. “It is amazing to see clients understand their investments and how proud they are that they know what they own and why,” he says. “Seeing the outcomes of successfully beating portfolio benchmarks and the added benefit it creates for the lives of our clients is most rewarding.” Optimist Capital welcomes investors of any size, whether they already are wealthy or just getting started saving for the future. “It makes no difference to us,” he says. “We are here to help our community succeed.”

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