These Are The Big Hair Trends Coming This Fall


Eleven Spa’s Nicole Oden recently collaborated with celebrity stylist Peter DeRosa to open the Peter DeRosa Salon at Eleven Spa in Delray Beach. We talked with DeRosa about his new role, and he gave us some serious hair advice.

What made you want to style hair? 
It just was very easy for me. I always had my hands in someone’s hair at a very young age. I was not a person that could sit in school, and I knew that I needed to do something creative with my hands. I knew that hair would be a very good fit for me. I went to hair school at 19 and then I’ve been doing hair ever since. 

What are you most excited about starting at Eleven Spa? 
Just to have freedom and artistic ability. The partnership that I have with [Oden] and Eleven [Spa] is really great because it takes a lot of the day-to-day monotony kind of off my back. I get to do what I love and create a team that I love and be an artist and just be happy. 

What does it take to be successful in the industry?
Integrity. To really be successful and have a really long career in this industry you have to do what’s best for the client, not what’s best for you. 

What are the big hair trends to come this fall?
The really big trend right now is bayalage, and they’re calling it ‘sombre,’ which is kind of a tone on tone look, instead of such a drastic change between dark and light. That’s what we’re seeing, and a lot of ‘lobs’ (long bobs). People all want this kind of Khloé Kardashian ‘lob.’ 

What is your No. 1 hair care tip? 
Do not put your hair in a ponytail when it’s wet. Hair is just like a sponge that you use in your sink. When it’s dry, it’s very hard. You can’t rip it. It’s very durable. When it’s wet, you can easily rip it. It can easily be destroyed. Your hair is the same way. … It becomes very easily damaged when it’s in that state. 

What hair product or tool can you not live without?
We have these really great grip brushes (Ergo Ionic Ceramic Round Brushes). It’s easy. There’s something about the way it holds your hair. The engineering is really great. Also, Dry Texturizng Spray by Oribe. Ocean Spritz by Wella is really great, too. 

What can your clients expect from you at Peter DeRosa Salon?
I treat everybody exactly the same. Whether they’re Paula Abdul or they’re [someone else], everyone is a celebrity to [me]. I do give everybody the same attention.

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