Tips for staying true to the cleanse.


Cleanse Dos:

Take advantage of nutritional consultations prior to the cleanse.

Eat light, vegan foods before and after your cleanse to ease in and out of the cleanse. Avoid gluten and processed foods.

Only choose organic food and juices, otherwise you will be putting toxins and pesticides back into your body.

If you are very hungry, have a green apple or a handful of organic hemp seeds. Remember you are doing this cleanse because you love your body, so listen to it.

Drink lots of water – aim for 8 to 10 glasses per day. Plain hot water (just like you drink hot tea) is best. Sip on it throughout the day. It will help eliminate bloating and headaches.

To maintain results, continue with clean, plant-based foods as long as you can on your own.

If desired, do light exercise such as walking.

Cleanse Don’ts:

Don’t eat heavy foods such as bread and animal proteins right before and right after the cleanse.

Don’t use the cleanse as a quick fix – it is a reboot for the system and not a crash diet.

Don’t pressure yourself into doing a long cleanse if you are not ready.

Avoid strenuous workouts. Your body needs to focus on cleansing instead of building muscle.

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