Local Luxury: European Wax Center


Based in: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

What it is: The beauty and waxing salon opened its first location in Fort Lauderdale in 2004 and has since grown to more than 570 franchises nationwide. The once family-run waxing salon built its brand on making the process of waxing as comfortable as possible using all natural “Comfort Wax” and following a four-step process: cleanse, prepare, wax and rejuvenate.

Why we’re obsessed: The friendly service and aestheticians make what could be an awkward experience extremely comfortable, professional and relaxed. Services include brow shaping, underarm waxing, bikini line and Brazilian waxing, and more. The center also offers a line of calming and rejuvenating products that help shape brows, prevent in-grown hairs and slow hair growth. The center makes guests feel pampered and beautiful, living up to its “Walk In, Strut Out” motto.

WHAT TO TRY: The brow waxing keeps eyebrows full and beautiful while giving them definition. Use the Restore IT enhancing serum to help rejuvenate overly plucked brows. Or, schedule a bikinki wax for those summer beach days. Use The Exfoliate product once a week to remove dry or dull skin and keep skin glowing.

Price range: Services range from $9 to $60; products range from $17 to $38

Where to FIND it: For locations and info, visit waxcenter.com

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